First, the book: The Write Direction

A few years ago, I was honored to write the Foreword for a book I believe in deeply, called The Write Direction: A New Teacher’s Practical Guide to Teaching Writing and Its Application to the Workplace. This unique book, written by two veteran teachers—my friend and colleague Fred Wolff and respected educational consultant Lynna Garber Kalna—shows teachers how to build the bridge from classroom writing instruction to the workplace.

As this ground breaking book helps us understand, traditional instruction often overlooks the kinds of writing many of our students will be required to do from their first day on a job: electronic data analysis, economic forecasts, evaluations of personnel or products, instructional manuals, product reviews, guidelines, proposals, public relations documents—and much more. In addition, they’ll need the flexibility to work collaboratively at times—and independently at other times. Many will do their own document design—and editing.

The Write Direction complements the CCSS emphasis on collaborative writing, research, proper and careful use of conventions, document publication and distribution, and informational writing, while showing teachers, step by step, how to create the skills students need to meet these Common Core and workplace requirements. Highly recommended.

NEW from Fred and Lynna: An exciting CCSS workshop!

Now Fred and Lynna have teamed up to create an exciting new workshop that takes teachers inside the Common Core, showing them how to interpret and apply standards in practical ways within their own classrooms. Following is their description:

Administrators and teachers at ALL grade levels play a pivotal role in helping students meet the Common Core Standards, which include the writing skills required of students in college and/or a career. Focusing on the new Common Core writing components that administrators and teachers must integrate into their curriculum and instruction, this workshop explores the numerous, challenging writing skills students must master to be successful no matter what path they follow. The workshop addresses writing in ALL content areas—always with an eye on college and career readiness. We’d love a chance to bring this workshop right to your school or district. For more information, contact Fred Wolff at

To order Fred and Lynna’s book, The Write Direction, go to, or check Amazon online.

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